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New Brand Combines Mother Nature's Natural Ingredients With Premium Spirits

Irvine, CA (April 2009) - Innovative Liquors LLC has brought Mother Nature into the spirit world. Bear Hug® Infusions, combines nature's natural ingredients with premium spirits. The name encompasses natures touch as well as the bottle design inspired by rain drops.

In addition to announcing the company's new brand and bottle design, Bear Hug® will also be available in four new delectable Infusions and bottled in its new bottling facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Continuing to carve a new category of Infused Spirits that go beyond natural flavorings, each bottle contains a piece of nature from Supremo Coffee Beans to succulent Blueberries. Bear Hug® Infusions are 42 proof and made from five-times distilled premium Vodka from the U.S., three-times distilled Blue Agave Tequila from Mexico and Premium Imported Rum from Barbados. Each one is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

The complete line of infusions will be rolling out in 2009 with four new infusions and will include:

  • Bear Hug® Vodka Infusion Espresso new
  • Bear Hug® Vodka Infusion Chocolate new
  • Bear Hug® Vodka Infusion Cranberry
  • Bear Hug® Rum Infusion Wild Berry new
  • Bear Hug® Rum Infusion Mango
  • Bear Hug® Tequila Infusion Papaya new
  • Bear Hug® Tequila Infusion Chili Pepper

Each Bear Hug® Infusion offers a distinct flavor at its core - be it sweet and juicy, tart and refreshing, or spicy and bold.

The fresh fruit is carefully culled from various regions around the world and is picked at the precise moment the fruit has reached its most mature and ripened state. The beauty of the individually crafted bottles is surpassed only by the exquisite taste when Bear Hug® is chilled, poured over ice or infused into your favorite cocktail.

Bear Hug® Infusions is reflective of its customers' lifestyle: intricate yet simple; playful yet mature; exotic yet familiar. Every drop celebrates the passion and appreciation for nature, entertaining, travel and design. With Bear Hug® Infusions just add friends and family as needed and share some of those simple pleasures with those who love to embrace the spontaneity of life.

Bear Hug® Infusions will make their debut in Duty Free stores throughout the United States at major airports and along the U.S. Borders with Canada & Mexico. Additional select markets will be announced in the coming months. Sizes will include 750 mL & 1L bottles.

Formed in January 2008, Innovative Liquors LLC is located at:
9 Corporate Park Suite 100
Irvine, California 92606

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