What's an Infusion? › A True Infusion

The First and Only True Bottled Infusion

Infusing is the art of combining our own blended Ultra-Premium spirits with fresh fruit in a process that is part art, part nature’s magic.

Variations of this process have been passed down through generations in cultures around the globe, each discovering different methods and secrets which help the fruit lend its taste and color to the spirits, while the spirits possess the body of the fruit.

Each bottle holds fruit whose flavor, color and shape is as rare and unique as the region it comes from. Extracting the natural taste from that fruit is a skill comparable to that of a master winemaker. Our infusions experts have refined their own meticulous methods of marrying fruit and juice to Ultra-Premium spirits to create a perfect infusion and a perfect cocktail.

Infusion - The masterful art of harmonizing perfectly ripened fruit to Ultra-Premium spirits through a delicate, skillful and timely process. One element of the fruit is introduced at a time to reveal the fruit’s true essence at the peak moment to create a cocktail of perfection without fake flavors or colors. Like the making of a fine wine.