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The Creation of Bear Hug® Infusions

Traveling throughout the world with friends and family is one of our greatest pleasures. No matter where we end up, (even in the back woods) we frequently discover infused cocktails created with local flavors. Bear Hug® Infusions have come from some of the greatest infusions we have found in the West Indies, North & South America and Europe

Some of the remote destinations we have visited have never heard of the term "Mixology" for their local bartender uses the market down the road as a guide. These magnificent infusion cocktails have come from their local fare which includes everything from fresh fruits & vegetables to coffee and cocoa beans.

While the bartender is preparing your drink you can see them squeeze this, muddle that, crush, stir and pour... And then they hand over a drink, hand-made just for you, that drink with all its surroundings tastes like the most wonderful part of your day.

Using fresh ingredients to create a special drink is both their tradition and art. For us these concoctions with natures touch have become our Bear Hug®.

In creating Bear Hug® Infusions we sought to replicate and bottle the infused cocktails we have discovered, and share them with the world. So no matter where you are, grab some friends, raise a glass of Bear Hug® Infusions and toast to every bartender that helped inspire natures infused cocktails.